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Get notified when your home is using energy at a high price!
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Follow Hoopie’s tips! They tell you exactly how you can save!
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Embrace your personal energy objective and get rewarded being part of a virtual power plant

An enpowering platform!

Energy control has never been so easy!

With Hoopie you can control your consumptions and save energy - and therefore money - by getting notified when your home is using energy at a high price! It can provide graphs and other simple visual data to show your consumptions, how much money and CO2 you can save.

Hoopie is also the heart of your smart home. It connects wirelessly with hundreds of compatible smart devices, allowing you to monitor, control, and secure your home from anywhere.

And there is a little bit more magic: Hoopie helps you to save energy and earn money doing it. Join Hoopie Community and you’ll earn money by powering down gadgets in your home, following a notification from the app. This can actually be as easy as turning off a few light switches. If you have smart gadgets the app can also turn things down for you, so you don’t even have to be home.

The end result? A naturally lower electricity bill, an easy and beneficial stream of passive income and a happier planet avoiding to turn on an expensive, dirty power plant.

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